Director's Order #28A and Archeology Guide

Director's Orders are issued by the NPS Director to articulate new or revised policy between publication dates of the NPS Management Policies (2006). They provide more detailed interpretation of the Management Policies and outline requirements applicable to NPS functions, programs and activities; and are a vehicle by which the Director may delegate specific authorities and responsibilities. For more information, visit: Director's Orders and Related Documents.

Director's Order #28A

Archeology in the NPS is guided by Director's Order #28A: Archeology (DO #28A). The purpose of the Director's Order is to provide information to implement laws and policies; and promote a common management framework for planning, reviewing, and undertaking of archeological activities. It also addresses how the NPS will fulfill its archeology assistance responsibilities outside of parks. DO #28A builds from NPS-28: Cultural Resources Guideline and Director's Order #28: Cultural Resource Management.

Archeology Guide

The Archeology Guide, as directed by Director's Order #28A, describes operational requirements, activities, standards, and other guidance to ensure the responsible management of archeological resources under the stewardship of the National Park Service. It aims to assist NPS staff and others to: use best practices for stewardship of archeological resources; work collaboratively to carry out respective responsibilities; provide a common management framework for creating archeological programs; and promote to partners, contractors, and other stakeholders the national archeological standards, principles, and practices employed in the parks.

  • Archeology Outreach: Explore broad information about interpretation, education, media and social media, civic engagement, citizen science and service learning, as well as links to templates and other assistance.
  • Cultural Resources and Fire: See guidance for managing and protecting cultural resources that may be affected by wildland fires.
  • Cultural Resources and Wilderness: Learn about responsibilities regarding cultural resources and integrating cultural resource management with park fire management operations.
  • Permits for Archeological Investigations: Find information on requirements and the application process for applying for a permit to conduct archeological investigations.

Last updated: October 11, 2022