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Museum Program Interns
Interns from the University of Maryland work on collections from the Frederick Douglass NHS.


As part of the National Park Service National Capital Region Resource Stewardship and Science directorate, the Museum Program provides professional curatorial support for National Park Service parks in Washington, D.C. and parts of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Services include general oversight of park museum programs, development and implementation of core management and planning documents, assistance with cataloging, processing, and inventorying collections, ensuring ongoing preservation and conservation of NPS museum collections, providing long-term curatorial storage, and guidance and support with registration and documentation processes such as accessioning, deaccessioning, and loan agreements. Museum collections from all disciplines recognized by the National Park Service are included: archeology, ethnology, historic, natural history (biology, geology, and paleontology), and archives.


For more information, please contact Laura Anderson, Regional Curator and Director of the Museum Resource Center, and if you need assistance from Resource Stewardship and Science (RESS), you may submit a Solution for Technical Assistance Requests (STAR) request online (NPS Only).


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    Last updated: January 22, 2024