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The Cultural Resources Office of Interpretation and Education (CROIE) promotes inclusive historic preservation and diversity in the cultural resources workforce through youth program internships. We promote relevance, diversity and inclusion in interpretation and education about cultural resources.

Youth Programs

CROIE administers internship programs that provide work experience with NPS units, programs, and other federal agencies. Interns' work varies from historical research and surveys for National Register documentation to archeological investigations, records, archives, and museum management. Paid internships are located across the country and are offered year round.

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Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program (CRDIP)

National Council for Preservation Education Historic Preservation Internship (NCPE)


We offer tools for educators of all levels and students of all ages to teach and learn about history, historic preservation, and American heritage and culture. Our peer-reviewed lesson plans offer teachers in the classroom or at historic sites creative ways to meet their own curriculum standards while introducing students to important places, stories, and methods of historical investigation. Our heritage and history travel itineraries connect tourists and history enthusiasts with sites on the National Register of Historic Places, organized in meaningful geographic and thematic contexts.

Teaching with Historic Places

Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itineraries

Local Preservation School Local communities are invited to participate and to grow this crowd-sourced resource


We celebrate history and culture across the United States through encouraging visitors on the ground and online to discover national parks, heritage areas, historic places, and more.

Telling All Americans' Stories

Mellon Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

LGBTQ Theme Study

Historypin LGBTQ America

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Last updated: August 3, 2023