Terminus: Geri-Freki Glacier by Kait Evensen

a decorative line divider with curled ends and a snowflake at the center.
An embroidery hoop with a detailed sunset over a mountain glacier, rendered in threads of purple, white, gold, and blue.

"Whether by natural processes or human influence, the planet is constantly changing on large and small scales. Through my work, I seek to capture fleeting moments of the world around me. I want to challenge the idea that the landscapes perceived as timeless are also unmoving. Although I may use different mediums to accomplish my vision for each project, my goal remains the same. I aim to create works that honor nature through detailed imagery, while also exploring how to capture the human emotions associated with witnessing wild places in person. It is my hope that by viewing my artwork, others may reflect on the natural places they love and how they choose to honor them." -Kait Evensen

a decorative line divider with curled ends and a snowflake at the center.

Meet the artist: Kait Evensen

Born and raised at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Kait learned from a young age to have a deep respect for mother nature. Through her pursuit of a career in natural resources, she has spent countless hours outdoors, working, recreating, and capturing the beauty of the world around her. Kait’s time in the Rockies fostered a love of the alpine tundra and a fascination with the regions of the planet that are still buried under glacial ice. The first time she saw glaciers as an adult, she was hooked and dreamed of a day when she could live in a place where glaciers were still a driving force on the landscape. Today Kait resides in Southwest Washington where she draws inspiration from the mighty Cascade Range. She primarily works with embroidery, technical illustration, and acrylic painting, but finds immense inspiration in trying new creative mediums. Kait is extremely humbled to have been selected to create a piece that honors Geri-Freki Glacier in the Terminus Arts Project at Olympic National Park.

You can see more from Kait on her instagram page.

A large glacier clings to the side of a jagged mountaintop.

More about Geri-Freki Glacier

A large glacier in one of the remotest parts of the park, the Valhallas, Geri-Freki Glacier lies beneath Woden Peak. The name Woden is old English for the Norse God Odin, a one-eyed warrior who was fond of feeding table scraps to his two pet wolves Geri (Greedy) and Freki (Gobbler), as they lay at his feet! Geri-Freki Glacier's meltwaters feed into the Hoh River, flowing west through rainforest and foothills to meet the Pacific Ocean at Oil City, on the Hoh Indian Reservation.
a decorative line divider with curled ends and a snowflake at the center.

Last updated: March 30, 2023

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