Park Newsletter November 14 2006

brown water flows alongside a damaged road
A rain-swollen Taft Creek eats away at the Hoh River Road.  About 500 feet
of road were damaged at this site.
people standing on bridge; bridge shows damage with missing pavement and roadbed
Park crews inspect damage to Finley Creek bridge abutment along North Shore Quinault Road.

Park Road Repair Bill Could Top $3 Million

Damage from last week's heavy rain and high winds has closed several popular park roads, including the Hoh Road and the North Shore Quinault Road.

Both roads serve as gateways to the park's world-famous temperate rain forest; the North Shore Quinault Road also provides access for local residents who live in the valley.

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Park Archeologists Recognized for Work at Fort Clatsop

Olympic archeologists Dave Conca and Kim Kwarsick were recently recognized with the Regional Director's Award for Cultural Resource Projects.

Last fall, Dave and Kim both answered the call to conduct an emergency archeological survey at Fort Clatsop, site of the Lewis and Clark Expedition's 1805 winter camp along the Pacific Coast of Oregon.

In October 2005, the 50-year old replica of Fort Clatsop burned to the ground, only months before the 200th anniversary of the Expedition was to be celebrated.

Before the fort could be reconstructed, an archeological survey was needed to learn as much as possible about the location and construction of the original fort used in 1805. Dave and Kim were part of a team of archeologists who spent a month looking for evidence of the original fort.

Although no evidence was found and details of the original fort remain a mystery, the archeological team was honored with the Regional Director's Award for their excellent work performed under difficult conditions.

mountains with snow
November 14 view from Hurricane Ridge webcam.

Snow at Hurricane Ridge

While rain has drenched the valleys and lowland, over four feet of snow has accumulated at Hurricane Ridge.

A small road crew has been working to clear the road in anticipation for -- weather permitting! -- this Friday's scheduled opening.

Make sure to call 360-565-3131 for the recorded road and weather hotline before heading to Hurricane Ridge this winter.

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