Park Newsletter June 2009

fisher carrying her young
A female fisher carries a kit down a tree, near her den in the mountains south of Sequim.

National Park Service

More Young Fishers Found
Biologists have located a second set of fisher kits at a den tree in the mountains south of Sequim.

Finding fisher dens is a long and arduous process, involving weeks of monitoring a female fisher's location by tracking her unique radio signal. Once biologists determine that a female's activities are closely centered on a specific location, they begin hiking -- offtrail through the Olympics' steep, forested terrain -- while continuing to monitor the radio signal, until they locate the fisher's precise location.

If they're lucky, they discover the fisher's denning tree. Once that happens, biologists mount motion-activated cameras, set to record movement on or around the suspected den tree. A week or two later, the biologists return to the site, download the cameras' images and see what they have.

So far, biologists have located two sets of fisher kits and one suspected den tree.

Fisher monitoring updates and photos.


Coming Soon ....

June 26 - Summer Ranger-Led Programs Begin
Summer brings wildflowers, long days for tidepooling and an explosion of green in Olympic's forests ... and the summer schedule of ranger-led programs. Learn more about Olympic's wonders by joining a ranger-led program, offered at most park areas.
Summer program schedule.

July through September - Summer Road Repairs
With the warm, dry days of summer approaching, several road construction projects are scheduled for the Hoh, Lake Crescent and Quinault areas. Some travel delays and brief campground closures are predicted.
Read more for dates and details.


Visitation Update
Through the end of May, Olympic recorded a total of 774,774 recreation visits. May's visitation represents a 17 percent increase over May 2008. Total visitation (including recreation and non-recreation visits) for the park is up five percent over this time last year.

For more information, and monthly visitor use updates, check the National Park Service NPS Stats website.

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Work Continues Towards Elwha Restoration
The National Park Service issued a presolicitation notice about the upcoming Request for Proposals for construction of the Lower Elwha Fish Hatchery.

The hatchery will protect and restore Elwha River salmon runs during and after dam removal. Construction is scheduled to begin this fall and be completed within 16 months of the start date.

More information about Elwha contracting opportunities.

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