Park Newsletter December 8 2006

weather instruments in snow-covered forest clearing
The Waterhole Snotel site provides online information about snow depth, temperature.

Bill Baccus, NPS

Online Weather Information

Wonder how much rain fell in the Quinault Rain Forest last month? Or how much snow is on the ground at Hurricane Ridge? Maybe you'd like to check air quality statistics at Lake Crescent.

Reports from a number of weather stations around the park are now available online.

More info.

trail disappear under landslide
One section of the Marymere Falls trail was damaged by a landslide and fallen trees.  Fortunately, hikers can still reach the falls by another route.

Storm Damage Estimates Rise

As park staff continue to assess damage from last month's storms, the price tag for repairing roads and trails keeps going up.

The damage repair estimate currently stands at about $5.5 million, but many park trails have not yet been visited.

Storm Damage Photo Gallery

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