Marmot Survey Areas

Shown are the survey trips, with names of clusters to be surveyed on each trip, along with the number of days (including the training day) that each survey trip is expected to take and the relative difficulty of the trip. An overview of all the clusters can be found on the KML file map. This is a Google earth map and you must have Google Earth loaded on your computer for this to work.

Survey Trip Comparison
A topographic map of each of the survey trips can be accessed by clicking on the Survey Trip in the first column. Clusters in the core of the program will be surveyed annually, sometimes more than once per year. Others will be surveyed occasionally as time and personnel permit. Some areas can be surveyed via day hikes or from a front country campground. These surveys may take fewer than 5 days and it may be possible to survey these areas over two or more weekends. Two trips are on lands administered by Olympic National Forest.
Hurricane Area Hurricane West, Hurricane East, Elwha 3-4 days Medium annual Day trips
Visitor Center Visitors Center, Sunrise, Steeple 3-4 days Med -Low annual Day trips
Deer Park Maiden Peak, Deer Park 4 days Medium annual Car camp
Obstruction Area Eagle Point, Obstruction, Marmot Flats, Badger Valley, Lillian 5 days Low-High annual Day trips
Grand Valley Upper Moose, Upper Grand East, Grand Pass, Moose/Gladys Valley, Moose/Gladys Ridge, Grand View 5 days Medium-High annual and occasional Groups of 4-6 only
Appleton / Eagle Pass Appleton Pass, Eagle Pass 5 days Medium annual
Upper Lena Lake Area Lena, Scout Lake, Milk Lake 5 days Medium-High annual Best for groups of 4-6
Lake of the Angels Lake of the Angels, Stone 5 days Moderate/ high annual Access route is very steep
Heart / Swimming Bear Heart Lake, Swimming Bear Lake 5-6 days Medium annual
Hoh Lake Bogachiel, Hoh Lake 5-6 days Medium annual
Royal Basin Upper Royal, Royal, Shelter Rock, Deception (occasional) 5-6 days Low-High annual
Dose/ 1000-Acre Meadows Dose Mdws, 1000-Acre 8 days Medium annual
LaCrosse Basin Lacrosse Basin, Buck Lake, Marmot Lake 8 days Medium annual Best for groups of 4-6
Klahhane Ridge Mt. Angeles, Klahhane 4 days High occasional Day trips
Dodger Point Dodger Point 4-5 days Medium occasional 17 mile 1-day hike in
Seven-Lakes Basin Lunch Lake, High Divide 5 days Medium occasional
Silver Lake Silver Lake/ Mt Townsend 5 days Medium occasional Forest
Lillian Basin Lillian Lake 5-6 days High occasional
Marmot Pass Marmot Pass, Buckhorn, Copper (incidental) 5-6 days Medium occasional Best for groups of 4-6; Forest
Baileys Cat Peak, Mt. Carrie, Ferry (occasional) 8 days High occasional
Lost Creek/ Cameron Lost Creek, Cameron Pass 8 days Medium occasional
Anderson Pass / LaCrosse Pass Anderson, LaCrosse Pass 8 days High occasional
O'Neil Pass O'Neil Pass, O'Neil Basin 8 days Medium occasional
Home Sweet Home / Hopper Home Sweet Home, Hopper 8 days High occasional
Gray Wolf Basin Gray Wolf, Cedar Lake, Cedar South 8 days Medium occasional Best for groups of 4-6
Sunnybrook Meadows Mystery, Sunnybrook, Home Lake 8 days High occasional
Skyline / Seattle Skyline, Lake Beauty, Mt. Seattle 8-10 days High occasional >40 miles of hiking

Last updated: January 15, 2018

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