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Bibliography for Lexington
Lexington Children's Literature
Links to Lexington Tourism and Preservation

Bibliography for Lexington

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Lexington Children's Literature

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Links to Lexington Tourism and Preservation

Kentucky Department of Travel, Cultural Heritage Tourism Program
Discover what the state of Kentucky has to offer at the website for the state's Department of Travel. Use their trip planner, peruse their travel guides and brochures, and consult the list of festivals and events before you travel to Kentucky in person.

Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation
This local non-profit advocate for historic preservation strives to protect, revitalize, and promote the special historic places in our community to enhance the quality of life for future generations. It also operates several of the historic sites featured in this itinerary.

Transylvania University
Transylvania University is a distinguished liberal arts college enrolling more than 1000 students, committed to undergraduate students and to excellence in education.

Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce
A comprehensive index to travel, life, business, and services in Lexington.

Kentucky Heritage Council
The Kentucky Heritage Council, the State historic preservation office, identifies, preserves, and protects the historic places of Kentucky. The Council also maintains continually updated inventories of historic buildings, districts, structures, objects and archaeological sites and nominates properties to the National Register of Historic Places.

Lexington, Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau
Official website of the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau, with information about places to stay, eat, and play in Lexington, as well as a convenient trip planner.

Lexington-Fayette County Urban Government
Official local county government website.

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Official state government webiste for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

National Trust for Historic Preservation
Learn about the programs of and membership in the oldest national nonprofit preservation organization.

National Park Service Office of Tourism
National Parks have been interwoven with tourism from their earliest days. This website highlights the ways in which the National Park Service promotes and supports sustainable, responsible, informed, and managed visitor use through cooperation and coordination with the tourism industry.

National Scenic Byways Program
This website, maintained by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, includes information on state and nationally designated byway routes throughout America based on their archeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic qualities. Visit the America’s Byways Wilderness Road Heritage Area website for more ideas.


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