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The Delaware & Lehigh National and State Heritage Corridor is a reservoir of natural, cultural, historic, recreational and economic resources that embrace our heritage. Scenic rivers, historic canals and towns, mountains, green valleys, natural and man-made recreation areas, the footprints of early industries, even a distinctive social and religious heritage - are the physical essence of the Corridor. We, the residents, are beginning to realize that our surroundings, both built and natural alike, have an immediate and continuing effect on the way we feel and act, our health and our intelligence. These places affect our sense of self, our sense of safety, the kind of work we do, the ways we interact with other people - even our ability to function as citizens within a democracy.

If our rivers and streams could speak, they would tell us that we, who were drawn here to their banks, are our own greatest resource. As stewards of our heritage, we must build our future by respecting our heritage. Improving our future is preserving our "Sense of Place" and our roots while building a sustainable yet respectful future.

We are proud of our homes, communities, waterways, parklands and heritage. Slow down your pace, sit a spell and let us tell you our stories, one by one, place by place. Welcome to our homeland.

Don Bernhard
Chair, Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor Commission

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