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Bibliography of the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor
Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor Children's Literature
Links to Preservation and Pennsylvania Tourism
Links to Historic Places Featured in this Itinerary

Bibliography of the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor

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Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor Children's Literature

Dolan, Edward F. The Winter at Valley Forge. New York: Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish, 2001.

National Register's Teaching with Historic Places: Bethlehem PA, Moravian Lesson Plan

Links to Preservation and Pennsylvania Tourism

Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor
Link to the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor non-profit organization's website, which offers historical information, a guide of things to do, a photo gallery, and other resources that will enhance your experience in this unique and vibrant region of Pennsylvania.

Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor
Link to the National Park Service's Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor website and enjoy ethnic and musical celebrations, walking tours through communities with rich and colorful histories, and museums describing the industries, people and wildlife that share this special region in eastern Pennsylvania.

Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itineraries 
Other travel itineraries in the National Park Service's ongoing series include many historic destinations that you can visit online or in person.  Each itinerary spotlights a different geographic region, community, or theme.

National Heritage Areas
Learn more about the designated National Heritage Areas around the country, in which conservation, interpretation and other activities are managed by partnerships among federal, state, and local governments and the private sector.

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Learn more about Pennsylvania's history, historic places and museums and the organization responsible for protecting Pennsylvania's Historical Resources, from Archeology to Historic Buildings.

Pennsylvania Travel and Tourism
Learn more about Pennsylvania's attractions, including arts and entertainment, nature and the outdoors, historic places and food and lodging possibilities.

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Founded in 1824, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania contains an independent research center dealing with preserving Pennsylvania's history and heritage, and includes the largest genealogy center in the mid-Atlantic region.

Bucks County Historical Society
The Bucks County Historic Society was founded in 1880 by General William Watts Hart Davis, Henry Chapman Mercer and some friends, and is today a private non-profit organization that operates The Mercer Museum, Spruance Library and Fonthill Museum.

Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority
The Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority is an alliance of civic, government,and business organizations, along with individuals interested in the promotion of the region's historic, cultural, economic and natural resources.

Lehigh County Historical Society
Serving its communities for more than 90 years, the Lehigh County Historical Society interprets the history and culture of an area that might indeed be thought of as the United States in miniature, where visitors can explore nine different sites, discovering the Revolutionary War, 18th-century farms, and 19th-century industries.

Pennsylvania Labor and Industry Related Markers
Established in 1946, is one of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission's oldest and most popular programs. The blue and gold markers located throughout the state highlight people, places, and events significant in state and national history.

National Canal Museum
This museum in Easton interprets life on the canal through interactive, hands-on exhibits. Visitors can ride a mule powered boat, operate a lock model, hear traditional canal songs, and see the living quarters of a canal boat.

Lesson Plan: The Ohio & Erie Canal: Catalyst of Economic Development for Ohio
Active at the same time as the Delaware and Lehigh Canals, the Ohio and Erie Canal is the subject of an online-lesson plan produced by Teaching with Historic Places, a National Register program that offers classroom-ready lesson plans on properties listed in the Register.

National Trust for Historic Preservation
Learn about the programs of and membership in the oldest national non-profit preservation organization.

Historic Hotels of America
A feature of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Heritage Traveler program that provides information on historic hotels and package tours in the vicinity of this itinerary.

National Park Service Office of Tourism
National parks have been interwoven with tourism from their earliest days. This website highlights the ways in which the NPS promotes and supports sustainable, responsible, informed, and managed visitor use through cooperation and coordination with the tourism industry.

National Scenic Byways Program
This website, maintained by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, includes information on state and nationally designated byway routes throughout America based on their archeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic qualities. Visit the America’s Byways Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway website for more ideas.

Teaching with Historic Places
This website, maintained by the National Park Service, offers online classroom-ready place-based lesson plans created by historians and educators to help teachers use historic places in the classroom.  Each lesson is linked to national standards for history and the social studies.

Links to Historic Places Featured in This Travel Itinerary

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 [graphic] Link to Scranton and the Railroad Essay
 [graphic] Link to Establishing the Heritage Corridor Essay


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