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Re-Use of Closed Military Bases (BRAC)

Former military bases closed under Base Realignment and Closure Acts (BRAC) may be transformed into vital community uses, helping to revitalize communities, providing community services, and protecting valuable natural resources. The National Park Service's Federal Lands to Parks program is a successful partnership with state and local government agencies and the military to help convert former military bases to public park and recreation use and to protect resources.

The Federal Lands to Parks program assists in planning and negotiating reuse of appropriate lands and facilities for recreational areas and green-space. States and communities may apply to the program to acquire lands through a "public benefit conveyance" for parks and recreation. Uupon approval by the National Park Service and the military service, the Federal Lands to Parks program transfers this land to the community, most at no cost, for public parks and recreation.

The National Park Service has helped 68 communities in 22 states, Puerto Rico and Guam, to gain former military base properties closed under BRAC laws, resulting in 17,265 acres of land, to date, for new public parks and recreational areas.

Please contact Federal Lands to Parks regional program coordinators for additional information about current military base closure properties that are in process or of interest.

View the table of completed NPS park (base closure) transfers and projects in process.

View descriptions of selected park and recreation transfers from closed military bases (BRAC).

For more information about reusing military bases under Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) law, see the Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment home page.

We invite you to learn more the Federal Lands to Parks Program .


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