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Conservation and Outdoor Recreation

NPS Conservation and Outdoor Recreation programs embrace the principles of civic engagement, collaboration, and cooperative conservation. Through partnerships, we extend and expand the contributions of the National Park Service throughout the nation to connect all Americans to their parks, trails, rivers, and other special places.

We're Celebrating National Park Week!

DID YOU KNOW everything including the kitchen sink used to be in the Naugatuck River? Experience the revival of the Naugatuck River in western Connecticut and learn how the National Park Service is helping communities along its banks create a 44-mile greenway through a video released by the National Park Service today! The National Park Service, Fingerpost Productions, and Naugatuck Valley Community College teamed up to interview river users and showcase the decades-long partnerships that inspired these communities to transform their river from polluted to vibrant and connect with America's Great Outdoors in their own backyards.

DID YOU KNOW trails can be on water as well as land? Grab your paddle and explore water trails online through interactive stories and videos that highlight the variety of recreation, historic, and educational opportunities that the National Water Trails System has to offer.

DID YOU KNOW the Secretary of the Interior just designated two more National Water Trails? Explore the Rock River Water Trail and Waccamaw River Blue Trail.

DID YOU KNOW the National Park Service helps communities expand recreation and conservation opportunities by connecting all Americans to their parks, trails, rivers, and other special places?

DID YOU KNOW less than 1/4 of 1% of our rivers are protected under the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System?

DID YOU KNOW national trails are in 49 of the 50 states? Find a national trail near you.

DID YOU KNOW the Land and Water Conservation Fund gave more than $42 million in grants to help partners in 338 communities across the U.S. create and expand parks, build and refurbish recreation facilities, and support other projects that enhance recreation in 2012? Learn more about this program that boosts the economy and connects people to the outdoors.

NPS Conservation and Outdoor Recreation programs offer a variety of assistance:

Community, Technical, and Financial Assistance

The National Park Service helps communities, organizations, and governments across the country achieve their conservation and outdoor recreation goals through technical and financial assistance. Learn more.


The National Park Service helps communities, organizations, and governments across the country preserve our nation's rivers, identify hydroenergy potential, and designate exemplary rivers for their recreational and scenic characteristics. Learn more.


The National Park Service works to conserve for recreation, historical, and scenic purposes our nation's most special trails through funding, special designation, and technical assistance to communities, organizations, and governments. Learn more.


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