Anacostia Watershed Ambassador Youth Program

Anacostia Watershed Ambassador Youth Program

The Anacostia Watershed Ambassador Youth Program (AWAYP) is an education and public outreach program designed to raise awareness about the environmental issues facing the Anacostia Watershed. The Anacostia Watershed Ambassadors will provide peer-to-peer environmental education programs and outreach within their communities to foster environmentally ethical behaviors and to develop an understanding of the Anacostia Watershed. This experience will foster environmental stewardship, develop healthy natural resources, and encourage community development and personal growth.

There are three main objectives to the program.

The first objective of the program is to reach out to communities within the Anacostia Watershed to enhance public knowledge and understanding. Through environmental outreach and educational activities, the Watershed Ambassadors will create awareness about the environment and involve local residents in the effort to restore and protect the environmental quality of the Anacostia River. By increasing community awareness and education, community members will be equipped to make healthier environmental decisions and reduce their impact on the Anacostia Watershed.

The second objective is to provide peer-to-peer youth environmental education and service learning activities to encourage public awareness and foster environmental stewardship.

The third objective is to provide a life-changing experience for the Anacostia Watershed Ambassadors. Throughout the program, the Ambassadors will analyze environmental issues, engage in problem solving, and learn to take actions to sustain and improve the environment. By providing a well-rounded experience, increased knowledge and an understanding of their role in the environment, we hope to build healthy social and natural communities and a lifetime dedication to environmental stewardship and community service.

For more information please contact the Chief of Interpretation at 202-690-5165.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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