Varnum's Quarters

This 1711 stone farmhouse served as General Varnum’s Quarters during the Valley Forge encampment. It was situated on the 150-acre farm owned by David and Elizabeth Stephens. Before the Continental Army arrived, the house served as a home for the Stephens and their three children: Eleanor, Maurice and Abijah.

In December of 1777, Brigadier General James Mitchell Varnum of Rhode Island arrived at the farmhouse with his staff. Rather than confiscating the property for use as a headquarters, as was common practice by the British, Varnum offered to rent it from the family.

The house consisted of four rooms and an attic. General Varnum used one upstairs room as his living quarters and brigade headquarters, while his aides-de-camp occupied the second upstairs room. The Stephens family remained in the house during the encampment. They stayed in one room on the first floor and shared the kitchen with Varnum and his staff. Hosting a brigade commander, the Stephens family regularly had military personnel passing through their home.


Image of Kitchen

Image of Kitchen