Practical Researcher

Applying his wide ranging research to finding practical solutions, Carver experimented with seeds, soils, soil enrichment, and feed grains. "Soil enrichment, natural fertilizer use, and crop rotation" was his message to students and farmers. Carver developed fertilizers to produce more food and better cash crops. As yields improved, the creative researcher developed new products from crops such as sweet potatoes and peanuts. His plant hybridization, recycling, and use of locally available technology was ahead of his time. Carver's work on synthetic substitutes for petroleum products and paints was of great interest to industry. He also patented several inventions. All Carver's efforts were geared towards increasing African-American farmers' economic independence.

George Washington Carver holding a cabbage

Feed Grinder
Peanut products
Spectacles and case
Shelled Peanuts
Peanut Specimen
Peanut Specimen
Canned Vegetables
Rolling Pin and Grater
Fireless Cooker and Canning Jars