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This exhibit celebrates Harry S Truman, an American Visionary. It highlights his formative years, family, increasing stature in Washington, the presidency, and return home.

Harry Truman was an effective and trustworthy leader. Military service and an early political career gave him experience and confidence to lead the nation. Although he respected the presidency, he had never aspired to be Chief Executive. Content as Missouri senator, Truman reluctantly became Roosevelt's vice president.
When Roosevelt died in April 1945, the new president faced daunting challenges. Able to make tough decisions, Truman was instrumental in ending World War II, halting Communist expansion, and rebuilding war-torn Europe.

This down-to-earth man had the moral courage to do what was right on the home front. Truman implemented far-reaching civil rights legislation and integrated the US military.
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Take a look at the treasured belongings and political memorabilia from the Harry S Truman National Historic Site museum collections. Photographs from the Truman Presidential Museum and Library supplement the exhibit.

You can also take a virtual tour of several rooms that are unchanged from the time President and Mrs. Truman lived at 219 N. Delaware, Independence, Missouri.
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