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Clara Barton to the American People
Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly
By Reverend Peter MacQueen
c 1898

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 “ …with the head out of it, giving this one a can of milk, and that one a cure for yellow fever, was Dr. Gardner.  His wife was walking among the bales and cases.  Two Sisters of Mercy came from the Catholic nunnery.  Mrs. Gardner gave them some cans of condensed milk.  Through an interpreter they told her how grateful they were.  Mrs. Gardner said to me: ‘These women are splendid people; they can do more good with it than we can; they know just where it is needed most.’  At that moment a Cuban came up to Dr. Gardner and appealed to him: ‘Pickaniny sick, wanta milka.  Will pay money.’  He went home to his sick child with milk and medicine. 

Things crowd themselves upon you sometimes.  Colonel Roosevelt was talking to a little, wee, wrinkled, pleasant, sweet, dear old maid.  I listened. 
‘For God’s sake, Miss Barton,’ the rough-riding colonel was saying,…”

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