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Clara Barton to the American People

Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly
By Reverend Peter MacQueen
c 1898

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Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly magazine was published from 1876 through 1906.  Frank Leslie died in 1880, and his widow inherited his publishing business.  At the time this article appeared, Miriam Florence Leslie, also an author and noted supported of the women’s suffrage movement, was successfully running the business.

Reverend Peter MacQueen was a Unitarian clergyman from Massachusetts, a war journalist and un-official, civilian member of the Rough Riders.  He was in Cuba during the fall of Santiago, wrote on the history of the war in Cuba and wrote “In The Philippines.” The photograph of Miss Clara Barton featured here, taken in 1897.  She was 76 years old when she led the American Red Cross into its first war relief effort.  It was her third war, having provided relief during the Civil War as an independent citizen and the Franco-Prussian War with the German Red Cross. 
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