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Sandburg's Story
Carl Sandburg Portrait with Pictorial Collage Presidential Medal of Freedom Gold Medal and Laurel Wreath of the American Academy of Arts and Letters Lombard College Pennant Pocket Watches Figurines Slide Viewer Pulitzer Prize of Letters in Verse
Harvard Honorary Degree University of North Carolina Honorary Degree Pulitzer Prize of Letters in History Clara Anderson Sandberg and August Sandberg Series of Poses by Charlie Sandburg while Attending Lombard Company C, Sixth Infantry Regiment, Illinois Volunteers Charles Sandburg Leaflet Carl Sandburg on the Beach
Carl Sandburg at Harvard Commencement Mr. and Mrs. Sandburg at a Book Signing Group of Kenyan Kikuyu Norway Stereoview Family Entourage at Carl Sandburg's Funeral Service      
Shirt Carl Sandburg Portrait Carl Sandburg Portrait Oil Painting of Margaret in Her Bedroom Paula Sandburg Skull Still Life Study in Burnt Sienna Butterfly Collection
Wooden Horse Plastic Goose Porcelain Siamese Cat Bird Sculpture Doll Drum Guitar Pin Birdhouse
Janet's Blue Stationary Purse Sign Carl Sandburg with his mother Clara and daughters Helga and Janet Carl Sandburg with Daughter Janet Carl Sandburg and John Carl John Carl Sandburg Family
Plate Commemorative Plate Medal Coins Portrait of Ms. Sandburg Mrs. Sandburg with Goats
Edward Steichen
Carl Sandburg Montage Carl and Lillian Sandburg Carl Sandburg Montage Photograph
Carl Sandburg Portrait with Pictorial Collage

Visor Eyeshade Newspaper Book Dagger and Sheath Charlie Chaplin's 'City Lights' Poster knife knife
Carl Sandburg Carl Sandburg Handbill Promoting Sandburg Lecture Books Satchel  
Lincoln Biographer
Abraham Lincoln Daguerreotype Abraham Lincoln Stereograph Slide Photographs of Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Tile Lincoln Bust Lincoln Bust Cast of Original Lincoln Life Mask Lincoln Bust
Lincoln Sculpture Lincoln Plaque Commemorative Coin Sculpture of Abraham Lincoln Carl Sandburg's Works on Lincoln      
Abraham Lincoln's Presidential China Commemorative Plate Abraham Lincoln Commissioning the Assistant Surgeon of Volunteers Piano Sketch for A Lincoln Portrait        
Rainstorm Print Inkwell Jar of Sand Hat Cardboard Box Award Shuttle Machine Part Paper Weights
Magazine Cover and Inscription to Helga from Carl Sandburg Lecture and Recital Poster Carl Sandburg at the Chicago Day Book        
Song and Guitar
Guitar Guitar Guitar Lute Guitar Harmonica and Case American Songbag Index Cards Musical Composition for Carl Sandburg
Piano Frankie and Johnnie Carl Sandburg Carl Sandburg Carl Sandburg Carl Sandburg and Andres Segovia - Guitar lesson Carl Sandburg  

Home Life
Hat Chair Chair National Geographic Magazine Orange Crate Carl Sandburg typing Mr. and Mrs. Sandburg with Helga  
Life at Connemara
Table Table Stepping Stool Chair Chair Picnic Table Fire Extinguisher Thermos
Teapot Bowl with Lid up Tureen and Sauceboat Dinnerware Pitcher Electric Egg Coddler Bowl and Nuts Glass Bowl
Cutlery Box plate pitcher coffeepot picnic box Binoculars phonograph radio
radio Vacuum Cleaner Fan Wastebasket Basket Pair of Wooden Indian Clubs Overcoat Shirt
Jar Vase Vase Tiles Vase Cigar Box Watering Can  
Souvenirs from Forest Floor, Shoreline, and Swamp American Airlines Travel Bag Toy Dog Bowl and Accessories Log Cabin World War Ration Book    
Mr. Sandburg with Grandkids Playing Guitar Carl Sandburg and Daughter Margaret The Sandburg Family Eating Breakfast The Sandburg Family Eating Breakfast Ms. Helga with her children, John Carl and Paula, and family dog Granddaughter Paula on Horse    
Connemara Farms Goat Dairy
Milk Bottle Milk Bottle Box Goat Show Trophies Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon Goat Milk Bottle Cap
Goat Milk Bottle Cap Goat Milk Bottle Cap Collar Cheese Mold Tattoo Kit with Vice-Grip Tool Yogurt Incubator Camera Telephone
Notebook Typewriter Chair Lamp Blow Torch Figurines Barn Barn
Goat Room Goat Goat Goat Goat Goat Saanen Goats JenniferII
ennifer II with Mr. and Mrs. Sandburg Colonel Frank J. Vida, Mrs. Sandburg and Nubian Goat            

Vision and Celebrity
Abstract painting Sculpture of Carl Sandburg Armchair stool navajo Rug navajo Rug navajo Rug plaque
remote control tapa cloth Lyndon B Johnson coin pin box woodblock fur overcoat Airport News photo of Carl Sandburg
Carl Sandburg in Hardhat Visiting Workers              
Sandburg Junior High School Jacket Pencil Bags Shoes Shoes Hat Dress Overcoat Satchel
Brief Case North Star Medal Cruets Slide Viewer Plate Death Mask Box of Hallmark Cards Letter from President of Zenith Corporation
Presidential Inauguration Invitation Birthday Telegram from Adlai Stevenson Birthday Telegram from Robert F. Kennedy Galesburg Post News Article Carl Sandburg Caricature Carl Sandburg with Arlene Francis Carl Sandburg at Fox Studios Carl Sandburg attending Swedish American Club meeting; talking to young people
Mr. and Mrs. Sandburg Edward R. Murrow and Carl Sandburg Carl Sandburg in school classroom Carl Sandburg at Congress Session Photograph of Carl Sandburg Mr. Sandburg with President John F. Kennedy Japanese surrender WWII; 1945  
Abstract painting

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