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IOSL Social and Financial Support     

The Independent Order of St. Luke (IOSL) was a fraternal society. Its misson and activities were dedicated to supporting members and ensuring their financial and social well-being. This included lending money to those in financial difficulty, raising money for members with health problems, and praising fellow members for work well done.  IOSL membership provided a support system on a large scale to ensure the well-being of African Americans nationwide.   

Thanks to the 1903 construction and 1919 expansion of the St. Luke Hall, the Order held commanding real estate to host its own events and meetings.  IOSL committees and councils rented the building’s many meeting spaces. A 500 seat auditorium facilitated pageants, annual meetings, and other events.  Meeting in the Hall and at other events gave IOSL members a tight-knit network of support that encouraged relationships and collaboration on projects.  Since telephones were not widely available, the IOSL provided its membership an important route for information exchange. More...