Alison Fassl
Polly Bryan
Kathy Huycke


Polly Bryan


Daryl Pittman

Sound Recordist

Brian Neary

Preservation Specialists

Jenny Barton – Museum Specialist, NPS, Harpers Ferry Center
Theresa Voellinger – Paper Conservator, NPS, Harpers Ferry Center
Sarah Wagner – Photograph Conservator
Sarah Stauderman - Preservation Manager, Smithsonian Institution Archives


Jenny Barton
Theresa Voellinger

NPS Digital Imaging/Photographic Stills

John Reed
Frank Ruggles
Jim Stayton

Digital Imaging/Photographic Stills

Gawain Weaver

Graphic Designers

Laurie Rihner Ty Ward

Stock Footage

Yosemite National Park Archives

NPS Cold Storage Project Support

Ronald C. Wilson - Chief Curator
Lynn Black- Cold Storage Project Program Director, WASO
Winnie Frost - Project Manager, Harpers Ferry Center
Sherry Sturman - Project Specialist, Harpers Ferry Center
Sheila Spring - Contract Specialist, Harpers Ferry Center

Special Thanks

Image Permanence Institute
Museum of Modern Art, NY
Smithsonian Institution Archives
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration


Jim Carey
Leigh Ann Franke
Kristen Mercer
Wade Myers
Alice Newton
Paul Rogers
Stephanie Shields

Production Services

Henninger Media Services
Brightline Interactive

Funded by

NPS – Park Museum Management Program

Executive Producer

Charles Dunkerly

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