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Monocacy Junction

Crossroads of History

Trails, roads, bridges, and rails converge at Monocacy Junction to reveal centuries of stories of people and the land. From early foothpaths to modern highways, Monocacy has always served as an important crossroads. Explore the people, places, stories, and preservation of Monocacy.


History and Culture

  • 1864 hand-drawn map of the battlefield at Monocacy Junction
    Battle of Monocacy

    On July 9, 1864, Union and Confederate forces clashed here at Monocacy Junction in a battle that determined the fate of the capital.

  • Group of people seated on the front steps of a large house.

    Explore the stories of the prehistoric people, European colonists, free civilians, enslaved, and soldiers of Monocacy Junction.

  • A Civil War cannon in front of a small two story house with the sun setting behind it.

    The battlefield comprises 1,647 acres of farmland, forest and riparian areas a few miles south of Frederick, Md, in the Monocacy Valley.

  • A man in a gray uniform with red trim tells a story.

    Explore the stories of the people and forces that shaped Monocacy Junction.

  • An old, brown leather shoe on a white background with a distance scale underneath it.

    Monocacy National Battlefield manages a wealth of objects and information in its museum, archives and library collection.

  • National Park Service employee cleans a stone statue of a Civil War soldier.

    The National Park Service preserves and maintains historic buildings, archeological sites, monuments, and the landscape of the battlefield.

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