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Meeting Our Goals for Monocacy National Battlefield

Our mission at Monocacy National Battlefield is to preserve and protect the landscape, historic structures, archeological sites and monuments that contribute to the national significance of the Battle of Monocacy; to commemorate the Battle of Monocacy; and to provide opportunities for visitors to understand and appreciate the significance of the Battle of Monocacy within the full context of the Civil War and American history.

In order to fulfill this mission, we have developed a set of priorities for ensuring that the cultural and natural landscapes are preserved for today's visitors as well as future generations. We are committed to:

  • Providing a full range of interpretive and educational programs to enhance public understanding and appreciation of the Battle of Monocacy;
  • Stabilizing, preserving, protecting, and maintaining cultural resources, including historic structures, landscapes, archeological sites, and monuments, that contribute to the significance of the national battlefield;
  • Managing, monitoring, and protecting natural resources to encourage biological diversity and avoid adverse impacts on the regional ecology, while protecting the quality and character of the national battlefield's cultural landscape;
  • Providing a safe and accessible environment for visitors and employees; and
  • Maintaining and expanding partnerships to increase opportunities for learning about the Battle of Monocacy.

Enabling Legislation
Enabling Legislation includes the documents, approved by Congress, which provided the framework for the establishment of what would become Monocacy National Battlefield.


General Management Plan

Download a copy of the General Management Plan (9,583 KB) and the Abbreviated General Management Plan (5,432 KB) - both documents togeather constitute the full final document.


Foundation Document
The Foundation Document (7,361 KB)provides basic guidance for planning and management decisions at Monocacy National Battlefield.


Monocacy National Battlefield Public Access Plan
The Monocacy National Battlefield Public Access Plan (7,051 KB) provides strategies that address the fragmented nature of the battlefield's visitor access and trail system while minimizing the impacts to cultural and natural resources.


White Tailed Deer Management Plan 2018-2019

Monocacy National Battlefield's White-tailed Deer Management Plan... Learn More


Government Performance and Results Act

The Government Performance and Results Act provides accountability to the American public for the care and stewardship of our national treasures. Managers must report how they utilize their resources toward the preservation of the parks.

Each year superintendents prepare a public statement of their park's annual budget and its separation into various expenditure categories for public review. e-mail us for more information about the public statement.


Documents Open for Public Review

    Other Plans and Projects

    An archive of completed projects as well as projects without documents open for comment may be found on the PEPC website.

    Last updated: February 28, 2019

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