Fowl Manna Grass

Fowl Manna Grass
Fowl Manna Grass (Glyceria striata)

Description: A native perennial with short rootstocks giving rise to erect leafy shoots in a loose tuft; found in moist meadows, pastures and ditches.

Leaves are folded in the bud-shoot. Sheath flattened or elliptical but not prominently keeled, slightly scabrous pale green to purple or at least tinged with purple, prominently cross-nerved, closed almost to the summit but splitting easily due to its membranous nature. Auricles absent. Collar not conspicuous, glabrous, pale, divided by midrib. Ligule thin-membranous, 2 to 4 mm. long, acute, entire. Blade 2.5 to 5 mm. wide, 5 to 25 cm. long, flat or V-shaped, abruptly acute and boat-shaped at tip, glabrous, faintly ridged, pale green, not glossy, with the two median lines conspicuous; the younger blades remain folded for some time and arise at a sharp angle from the shoot; margins scabrous, especially towards the apex.


Last updated: April 10, 2015

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