Climate Change: What We're Doing


The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MISS) is working hard to mitigate the effects of climate change on the Mississippi River and its tributaries. The park has undertaken a number of projects to help slow climate change including:

  • Reducing overall emissions by moving toward cleaner transportation and reducing energy consumption. Many park employees ride bikes or city buses to and from work, which helps keep transportation emissions low. MISS has even created an Alternative Transportation Plan that allows visitors and commuters to travel throughout the park without a car. The park is also shifting toward using more energy efficient appliances and vehicles, and turning things off when not in use. In fact, MISS has joined the Climate Friendly Parks network and is working toward becoming formally recognized as a "Climate Friendly Park".

  • Conducting studies on climate change, and partnering with scientific agencies and institutions that are studying climate change, including the Will Steger Foundation and the National Park Foundation. Doing so helps management and park partners understand how climate change works and what can be done to lessen its impacts.

  • Enhancing native habitats. The park has been engaging partners and volunteers in restoration activities, including planting native plants that sequester carbon and promote a more natural environment.

  • Remaining flexible in the face of change. The effects of climate change can be unpredictable, and the park is making an effort to make sure long term plans can be adapted to changing conditions. This ensures that park management will remain the best possible, even if our area is drastically altered.

  • Providing climate change education to school groups and the public. Teaching the as many people as possible about the effects of climate change and helping everyone understand the importance of reducing emissions are some of the most powerful ways to combat global warming.

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Last updated: January 1, 2018

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