Historic Monuments Program

Historic Monuments Program
The purpose of the Historic Monuments Program is to transfer historic properties out of Federal ownership with protections for their long-term preservation and care. The current Program of Preservation and Utilization (PPU) for Historic Fort Snelling notes that the entire history up to 1946 is important but focuses on the frontier fort. It even calls for the removal of Buildings 17 and 18. Clearly times and priorities have changed since the PPU was originally signed. No one today questions the historic value of Buildings 17 and 18 or of 22 and 30. The February 28, 2008, history makes it very clear that these buildings have key associations with many events tied to America’s national narrative.

See the Historic Surplus Properties Program for more information on the Historic Monuments Program.

The Historic Monuments Program requires that changes to a PPU meet the Secretary’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. The Standards cover four areas: preservation, rehabilitation and restoration and reconstruction

Regulations defining the Secretary’s Standards at 36 CFR Part 68.

Secretary's Guidelines for treatment of historic properties.

Secretary’s Standards and Guidelines applying to the historic preservation process.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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