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List of Figures


City of St. Paul, 1853.


FIGURE 1. Looking upstream at Daytons Bluff and St. Paul.
FIGURE 2. Map of The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

Chapter 1

FIGURE 1. River Warren Falls.
FIGURE 2. Map of the MNRRA corridor.
FIGURE 3. Generalized bedrock stratigraphy of the upper Mississippi River valley.
FIGURE 4. Map of the preglacial bedrock valleys in the Twin Cities area.
FIGURES 5a-h. Glacial phases in Minnesota.
FIGURE 6. Advance of the Grantsburg Sublobe.

Chapter 2

FIGURE 1. Native Americans fishing from a canoe
FIGURE 2. Clovis Point.
FIGURE 3. Late Paleo-Indian point.
FIGURE 4. Early Woodland ceramic vessel fragment. FIGURE 5. Reconstructed Middle Woodland vessel.
FIGURE 6. Late Woodland ceramic types.
FIGURE 7. Blue Earth Oneota vessel fragments.
FIGURE 8.Generalized distribution of Native American groups during the mid-1600s.

Chapter 3

FIGURE 1. Antoine Auguelle and Father Louis Hennepin at St. Anthony Falls.
FIGURE 2. St. Paul, 1853.
FIGURE 3. Map of the MNRRA corridor, 1680-1854.
FIGURE 4. Native American petroglyphs from Carver’s Cave.
FIGURE 5. Zebulon Pike.
FIGURE 6. Stephen Long.
FIGURE 7. Little Crow II, Cetanwakanmani.
FIGURE 8. Fort Snelling about 1848.
FIGURE 9. Kaposia.
FIGURE 10. St. Paul, 1848.
FIGURE 11. Red Rock and Fawn’s Leap.
FIGURE 12. Little Crow.

Chapter 4

FIGURE 1. St. Paul, 1853.
FIGURE 2. Map of the MNRRA corridor, 1823-1906.
FIGURE 3. Wreck of the Quincy.
FIGURE 4. Major General Gouverneur K. Warren.
FIGURE 5. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Bridge, Hastings, Minn., 1885.
FIGURE 6. Oliver Kelley.
FIGURE 7. William Windom.
FIGURE 8. Pigs Eye Island before and after closing dam construction.
FIGURE 9. Wing dam construction.
FIGURE 10. Channel constriction at Pine Bend, Minnesota, 1891.
FIGURE 11. Meeker Island Lock and Dam.

Chapter 5

FIGURE 1. Lock and Dam No. 1 under construction.
FIGURE 2. Map of the MNRRA corridor, 1907-1963.
FIGURE 3. Timber raft and raftboat near Wabasha Street Bridge in St. Paul, 1900.
FIGURE 4. C. A. Smith Lumber Mill.
FIGURE 5. Theodore Roosevelt.
FIGURE 6. Lower St. Anthony Falls Dam and Hydroelectric Station.
FIGURE 7. Lock and Dam No. 1.
FIGURE 8. First lockage, Lock and Dam No. 2, Hastings, June 27, 1930.
FIGURE 9. Lower St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam under construction.
FIGURE 10. Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock under construction.
FIGURE 11. Early Coon Rapids Dam.

Chapter 6

FIGURE 1. Reconstructing St. Anthony Falls.
FIGURE 2. Hermann J. Meyer Lithograph of St. Anthony Falls.
FIGURE 3. Seth Eastman engraving of St. Anthony Falls.
FIGURE 4. Franklin Steele.
FIGURE 5. St. Anthony Falls, 1859.
FIGURE 6. West side platform mills at St. Anthony Falls, about 1870.
FIGURE 7. Eastman Tunnel collapse, Hennepin Island, 1870.
FIGURE 8. Map of Eastman Tunnel disaster and repair work.
FIGURE 9. Flour mills along the west side canal at St. Anthony Falls, 1885.
FIGURE 10. Great Northern, Stone Arch Bridge, 1884.
FIGURE 11. Diagram of first commercial hydroelectric central plant in the country, 1882.
FIGURE 12. William de la Barre.
FIGURE 13. Mill Ruins Park, Minneapolis.

Chapter 7

FIGURE 1. Downtown St. Paul on the Mississippi River.
FIGURE 2. Mississippi River Commission Map, 1895.
FIGURE 3. Log drivers and log jam above St. Anthony Falls, 1881.
FIGURE 4. Bluff top stone quarry, St. Paul, 1885.
FIGURE 5. Frank A. Johnson brickyard, 1904.
FIGURE 6. St. Paul Roller Mill Company, St. Paul, 1881.
FIGURE 7. Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association, 1955.
FIGURE 8. Cattle pen, South St. Paul Stockyards, 1930.
FIGURE 9. Meuller and Heinrick’s Brewery, Minneapolis, 1880.
FIGURE 10. Point Douglas Ferry, 1902.
FIGURE 11. Railroads at St. Paul, 1931.
FIGURE 12. Mississippi River Bridge at Anoka, 1905.

Chapter 8

FIGURE 1. Minneapolis skyline over the Mississippi River gorge.
FIGURE 2. Panoramic Map of Anoka.
FIGURE 3. Village of St. Anthony, 1851.
FIGURE 4. Hastings, 1850.
FIGURE 5. Bohemian Flats, Minneapolis, 1880.
FIGURE 6. Gathering wood at Bohemian Flats, 1887.
FIGURE 7. Little Italy on the Upper Levee, St. Paul.
FIGURE 8. East River Road, Fridley, 1945.


FIGURE 1. Wingdams below Ninninger, Minn., 1891.
FIGURE 2. Wingdams below Ninninger, Minn., 1891, detail.

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