Donating Directly to the Park
If you wish to help Minuteman Missile's efforts to educate future generations on the history of Minuteman Missiles, nuclear deterrence and the Cold War there is an excellent way to help us out. Visitors to the park can give direct cash or check gifts through our donation boxes. Unlike entrance fees, 100% of donated funds stay in this park. Most parks have separate donation accounts for park-specific projects and programs for which you can earmark your gift. A donation box will be located in the lobby of the Minuteman Missile Visitor Center. To donate directly to the park, please send a check or money order payable to National Park Service.

Send to:
Minuteman Missile National Historic Site
24545 Cottonwood Road
Philip, SD 57567

Donating Artifacts
Historic objects, manuscripts, books and other related items that have a direct relationship with Minuteman Missiles and nuclear deterrence, may be donated to the park's museum collection, where they are preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn. Contact Park Curator Megan Cherry at 605 433-5247 to discuss anything you are considering donating to the park's collection.

Other types of support
If you wish to help Minuteman Missile National Historic Site with projects and operations, there are a few ways to help us out. For more information on how you might help Minuteman National Historic Site, please contact the Park Superintendent at 605 433-5552 ext 1238.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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24545 Cottonwood Road
Philip, SD 57567


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