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17 minutes, 43 seconds

1. [00:51 -  7:50] Where were most of the British troops garrisoned in Boston?

2. [7:52 – 10:38] Did the British Army have any specialized winter gear or uniforms? Did armies at the time have specialized troops for different climates?

3. [10:39 – 17:21] Which books and websites do you recommend for deeper reading into April 19th and the Revolutionary War in general? First hand accounts and historical narratives alike.

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24 minutes, 15 seconds

1. [00:19 – 3:58] How common were accidents with firearms in colonial times?

2. [4:07 – 11:55] What were the political points of views of the Whigs and Tories and how was each party represented in Lexington at the time of the battle?

3. [11:58 – 14:09] How were the roads marked. In other words how did the Brits know where to go?

4. [14:15 – 23:50] How many Alarms occurred, how do they compare in terms of being major or minor events and which ones involved Paul Revere?

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29 minutes, 16 seconds

1. [1:30 – 4:00] What would a battle between the new American Naval Reserve and a British merchant ship look like? Did either side have cannons or did the Americans board the British ships and battle with swords? Where the Americans mostly victorious in these encounters?

2. [4:10 – 10:54] Might we hear your take on Fiske Hill? I knew about the British falling out of line and being compelled back into formation at the end of their own guns but recently I read that there was actually more skirmishing there as well. Pitcairn and Smith taking hits there, etc.

3. 10:54 – 16:09] Can you comment on James Hayward and his encounter with a British soldier at the Fiske well? How romanticized had that story become by the 19th century?

4. [16:18 – 23:27] Can you speak about the enslaved person named Casey? I noticed a post with some information about him in the woods near the Wayside. Can you also speak about the underground railroad and how that ridge was used to help those enslaved?

5. [23:35 – 24:56] Is Minute Man offering a virtual Junior Ranger badge program? Do you know of any of the other national parks in the region offering a virtual Junior Ranger program?

6. [25:01 – 28:28] Who has oversight and/or responsibility for the care of the graves of British soldiers at North Bridge and at other sites along the Battle Road? Does the British Government play any role in the upkeep of gravesites? Are there any plans to use non-invasive archaeology to verify the locations and possible number of graves in the vicinity of these markers?

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53 minutes, 6 seconds

1. [1:55 – 6:22] How many cannons did the British and Colonials have on April 19, 1775?

2. [6:24 – 23:27] What is the difference between a “privateer” and a “pirate?”

3. [23:30 – 29:20] What was the dating scene like in Concord in 1775? Where would a dashing young Minute Man go to meet the ladies?

4. [29:56 – 41:49] The militia system in Massachusetts went back to the 1630 charter which required them to be formed. Did the use of alarm riders and minute companies also date back to those days, or were they improvements that were added on over the years?

5. [42:01 – 44:15] How many and what kinds of firelocks does the museum have and do any relate to April 19th? Are there any of the ‘bird guns’ from the 19th in the collection?

6. [44:16 – 47:11] What is the difference between British and French muskets?

7. [47:12 – 49:50] Were rifles used during the American Revolution?

8. [49:51 – 52:20] Can you describe the volunteer program at Minute Man and what’s involved with it?

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1 hour, 5 minutes, 38 seconds

1. [2:16 – 11:44] Were drummers actively drumming during the Regulars’ march?

2. [11:48 – 14:25] What was the morning temperature during the Battles of Lexington and Concord? What was the weather the prior few days before and after?

3. [14:31 – 24:15] Do we know which members of the Lexington Militia might have participated in the Parker's Revenge portion of the battle later in the day on April 19?

4. [24:24 – 28:40] I know the oldest tavern in the country is the White Horse in Newport Rhode Island, what is the oldest tavern in Massachusetts?

5. [28:48 – 34:05] When was slavery abolished in Massachusetts?

6. [34:09 – 41:45] What was the town of Concord like in 1775? What kind of shops and churches were here? How big was the town, how far did it extend? What was the population?

7. [41:51 – 43:59] What happened to the gun powder and weapons that were stored Concord after April 19?  How much of the pre-April 19 supply was actually found and taken or destroyed by the British?

8. [44:05 – 46:16] How and when did they know to move the stores from Barrett's Farm?

9. [46:21 – 49:03] Were desertions from the British Army common in Massachusetts?

10. [49:26 – 52:18] Where did the story of the elderly lady picking flowers and the impromptu surrender of British soldiers to her come from?

11. [52:26 – 56:40] How did they actually hide the cannon at Barrett's farm? Were they really buried in a field?

12. [56:41 – 01:04] Is there any truth to the story of Millicent Barrett learning how to make musket cartridges from a British officer?

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6 minutes, 26 seconds

Park Ranger Jim Hollister, on site at Concord's North Bridge, explains the particulars of the fighting there and reads the account of Corporal Amos Barrett.


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