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Minute Man National Historical Park (park) encompasses 967 acres distributed in three, distinct units located approximately 15 miles northwest of Boston, Massachusetts. The North Bridge Unit contains approximately 112 acres; the Wayside Unit contains approximately six acres; and the Battle Road Unit contains approximately 849 acres. The Concord River flows through the North Bridge Unit, while Route 2A traverses the Wayside and Battle Road Units. The park is bordered by Hanscom Civilian Air Field and Air Force Base, privately held land, and a variety of public and conservation lands.

The park supports a variety of habitats. Forests are dominant, covering approximately 500 acres of the park, including about 200 acres of forested wetland. Non-forested wetlands, including several ponds, cover approximately 180 acres. Meadows and fields cover an additional 250 acres, including approximately 100 acres farmed under the park's agricultural leasing program. Shrubland also is present at the park, particularly at the interface of fields and forests. Developed areas, including roads, parking lots, and buildings, cover the remainder of the park.

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