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The park supports a variety of habitats. Forests are dominant, covering approximately 500 acres of the park, including about 200 acres of forested wetland. Non-forested wetlands, including several ponds, cover approximately 180 acres. Meadows and fields cover an additional 250 acres, including approximately 100 acres farmed under the park's agricultural leasing program. Shrubland also is present at the park, particularly at the interface of fields and forests.
A hawk soars in the sky.

Learn more about the park's wildlife.

A cluster of small fowers from the aster family.

The park hosts a variety of native and nonnative, wild and cultivated plants.

A red rock outcrop behind a small stone monument.

The park's history extends hundreds of millions of years into the past. Learn more.

Trees stand with orange and red leaves.

The forests of Minute Man have shaped, and continue to shape the park today.

Trees reflect in the calm waters of a vernal pool.

Learn about the park's wetlands, a resource that is often naturally diverse.

Purple Loosestrife growing among native cattails.
Invasive Species

Invasive species pose a threat to the landscape of Minute Man.

The Concord River is thinly frozen over with the sunrise turning the distant trees orange.
Environmental Concerns

A variety of environmental concerns exist within Minute Man NHP.

Last updated: October 20, 2021

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