Summer Quest Artist-in-Your-Residence

A painting of a wooden bridge and tree with the words Artist In Your residence overtop

Do you like to draw, paint, make models, write poems, create music or do other art projects? If the answer is yes, then this is the activity for you.

For more than a hundred years artists of all kinds have been inspired by the National Parks and have created beautiful paintings, taken incredible photographs, written emotional poems, or composed soaring songs about these protected places. Many Americans, after seeing, hearing, or reading these works of art have visited parks hoping to find that same inspiration. Want to learn more about the special relationship between artists and National Parks? Read more here:

Minute Man National Historical Park is working with The Umbrella Arts Center in Concord to get more people creating and connecting to this park through art. The program is called Artist-in-Your-Residence and we want you to share your art! Here’s how:

You’ll need permission and maybe some help from your parent or guardian, so make sure you ask before putting something on-line.

Tell us here what screen name you used to share your art.


Last updated: July 3, 2020

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