The Wayside Succession Owners, 1722-1769

1722: Samuel Fletcher, then a housewright, sold to Nathaniel Billings, a Concord yeoman.

1723: Only a few months after purchasing the house, Billings sold to Zachariah Parker of Sudbury, described as a husbandman.Less than two weeks later, Parker sold to Nathaniel Coleburn, a housewright.

1730: Nathaniel Coleburn sold to John Farrar, a Concord worsted comber.

1740: John Farrar sold the property back to Nathaniel Coleburn.

1747: John Breed, a Concord cordwainer, bought the property from Coleburn.

1769: Samuel Whitney bought the house and property from John Breed.

Last updated: May 24, 2016

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