The Wayside - Succession of Five Families, 1778-1844

1778: Samuel Whitney sold the house lot, which then included .75 acres, to Daniel Taylor, a Concord yeoman.Taylor held the property for only two months, selling in turn to Daniel Hoar, Sr., farmer.

1814: Daniel Hoar, Sr. died;his son Daniel, Jr., a wheelwright and blacksmith, inherited the property.

1823: Daniel Hoar, Jr. drowned.The Hoar family retained ownership until 1827.

1827: Heirs of Daniel Hoar, Jr. sold the then one-acre property to Darius Meriam, a Concord wheelwright.

1832: Horatio Cogswell, also a wheelwright, purchased the property from Darius Meriam.

1844: Horatio Cogswell, then a builder living in Boston, sold the one-acre parcel which included the house, as well as an eight-acre parcel (known today as "Emerson Field") to Washington C. Allen, a yeoman.

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