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On this page you will find activities, lesson plans and resources designed to bring the stories, people and communities of April 19, 1775 to life. Many of the materials on this page are designed to prepare students for the park’s ranger- guided education programs or for a self-guided field trip to the park. However, all of them can be adapted easily for teaching about the Battles of Lexington and Concord in the classroom.


Curriculum Materials and Activities

Rebels, Redcoats, and Homespun Heroes Curriculum Materials
Gr. 3-5
These curriculum materials include key Revolution vocabulary words, and activities on soldiers, women, and the spread of the Lexington alarm. Activities included in these materials can be used in conjunction with a ranger-guided field trip or on their own in the classroom or at home.

Visit Rebels, Redcoats and Homespun Heroes for more information about the ranger-guided education program.

North Bridge: Frequently Asked Questions
This page provides information that will be helpful if you are leading your students on a self-guided visit to North Bridge.


Who Shot First? Curriculum Materials
Gr. 8-12
These curriculum materials ask students to read and analyze primary source materials about the Intolerable Acts and the Battle of Lexington. Students are challenged through the construction evidence-based arguments about the fighting at Concord's North Bridge.

Visit Who Shot First? for more information about this ranger-guided education program.

Barrett Farm and the Start of the American Revolution
This interdisciplinary program engages students in critical thinking to analyze primary source materials and construct an evidence-based argument in answer to key questions about the role of Colonel James Barrett and the stockpiling of arms and supplies to ready Massachusetts for war.
Lexington and Concord: A Legacy of Conflict Lesson Plan
Students examine primary source materials to better understand the events of April 19, 1775.


Primary Sources

The Coming of The American Revolution
Primary Resources On Line. The Massachusetts Historical Society has digitized and transcribed hundreds of primary resource documents relative to the start of the American Revolution.



Alarm Riders and Battle Map - April 18 - 19, 1775
National Park Service maps showing the routes of Patriot messengers and British troops on their way to Lexington and Concord, and the locations of battles during the troops’ return to Boston.



Follow the link above for educational videos including all of the Ask a Ranger videos.

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