Volunteering and Internships

Minute Man National Historical Park relies on a strong and vibrant community of volunteers and interns. We are always excited when members of the public approach us and ask how to get involved with the park. Volunteers work in the park helping rangers, doing living history, guiding the public in the visitor centers, or helping keep the park’s natural environment clean. Interns are high school or college students looking to receive school credit and gain experience working in a national park and/or heritage site environment, generally doing historical research or interpretation.

Here is how to become a volunteer or intern:
Park volunteer talking with visitors at North Bridge


Step 1. Choose one or more volunteer positions

Visitor Guide

Visitor Guides are a vital part of our park and are often the first park officials visitors see. Guides help orient the public and make sure that everybody has all the information they need. This includes providing maps and seasonal programs to visitors and giving suggestions about what activities going on in park might interest them. The Guides also answer visitor questions on a variety of topics, from the Battle of Lexington and Concord to where the park facilities are located.

Where: North Bridge Visitor Center, Minute Man Visitor Center, North Bridge, Battle Road Trail, The Wayside.

Park volunteer talks with visitors at North Bridge benches

History Interpreter

Interpreters learn about one or more specific locations in the park and present programs to the public at those locations. Locations include the North Bridge, where Historic Interpreters give a talk about the Battle of Lexington and Concord and those who fought at the bridge. Other locations include battle sites such as Bloody Angle or Parker’s Revenge. Historic Interpreters can Adopt-a-House, choosing one of the Witness Houses along the Battle Road Trail and interpreting that house’s history and what role the house’s occupants played during the battle. History Interpreters may wear colonial clothing if they provide it themselves and is approved by the park. Historic Interpreters work as Visitor Guides when not giving a program.

WHERE: North Bridge, Meriam’s Corner, Capt. William Smith House, Bloody Angle, Parker’s Revenge, Whittemore House.

Volunteer helping with natural resources

Natural Resource Caretaker

Natural Resource Caretakers help maintain the natural and ecological beauty of the park. With over 1000 acres of gardens, forests, hiking trails, farmland, and pastureland to maintain, stewardship is an integral part of park maintenance. Caretakers help restore various habitats, refurbish pastures, and inventory wildlife. Depending on their area of focus and interest, Caretakers may work in the garden, do trail maintenance, or collect data about plants, trees, or wetlands.

WHERE: North Bridge Visitor Center, throughout the park.

Park volunteer at the Captain Smith House

Additional Opportunities

Adopt-a-House: Volunteers can learn the history of one of the park’s Witness Houses and present programs to the visiting public at that house.

Education Program / Black Powder Assistant: Visitor Guides, History Interpreters, and Living History Reenactors are welcome to help rangers perform education programs and act as safety officers during period weapons demonstrations. To receive this training indicate your interest on your application and apply by March 9.

Step 2. Fill out the application.

Please download and fill out the application. Email the completed application HERE or send it to “Minute Man NHP, 174 Liberty Street, Concord, MA 01742”.

Click HERE to download the application.

Will you be volunteering in colonial clothing? Click HERE and explain your interest to our living history coordinator, Ranger Jim Hollister. He will need to approve your kit prior to you application for a volunteer position.


Step 3. Make an interview appointment.

All perspective volunteers are interviewed by the park’s Volunteer Coordinator, Ranger Roger Fuller. Please email him with your position selection(s) and your general availability, as well as the reasons you are interested in volunteering at the park. You may do this in tandem with sending the application.

Click HERE to make an appointment.

Volunteer Responsibilities
  • Participate in Volunteer Training
  • Greet visitors and orient visitors
  • Interact comfortably with the public
  • Learn about the Battle of Lexington and Concord
  • Learn about the history and features of the park
  • Alert NPS staff to safety hazards, complaints, equipment out of order, scheduling difficulties
Volunteer in uniform.
Volunteer Uniform
All volunteers—other than those in colonial clothing—are required to wear a standard-issue uniform consisting of a polo shirt, cap, and nameplate. Volunteers provide their own khaki pants and non-sneaker shoes. Caps are always worn outdoors and never indoors. Outerwear is also provided.

Volunteer Training
All accepted volunteers participate in a day-long training session (for dates see DEADLINES below). Further training information will be emailed to volunteers.

Training will include standard operating procedures, interpretation, and a general overview of the park. Additional training will be provided depending on a volunteer’s specific position.

Prior to the training session, please watch the volunteer introductory video HERE.

All volunteers go through training. Training happens in Spring (April 8th), Summer (June 24th), and Autumn (Sept. 9th). Please have your application submitted by the following dates:

SPRING application deadline: Friday, March 30, 2018
SUMMER application deadline: Friday, June 15, 2018
AUTUMN application deadline: Friday, August 31, 2018

Housing and Transportation
No park housing and no trailer pads are available at the park. Volunteers must provide their own transportation to and from the park and between duty stations within the park.
Park Interns and Deputy Regional Director at North Bridge


Minute Man National Historical Park is always excited to work with students. The park can work with you and your school to design the perfect internship opportunity or service learning project. Between the Revolutionary history of the North Bridge and Battle Road Trail and the nineteenth century literary history at The Wayside, we have research and interpretation opportunities for a wide variety of interns. We welcome students interested in colonial New England history, the history of the Revolutionary War, the literary history of Nathanial Hawthorne or Louisa May Alcott, Transcendentalism, abolition, and colonial militias.

Please contact the park’s Chief of Interpretation and Education, Ranger Leslie Obleschuk, HERE.

Natural Resources

Minute Man National Historical Park stretches over one thousand acres in Concord, Lincoln, and Lexington. Students interested in pursuing an internship in natural resource stewardship can gain skills in inventorying and mapping cultural landscape features (stone walls, roads, monuments, orchards, building sites, etc.); identifying and tagging trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, including invasive plants; developing specifications for vegetation preservation or removal; and working on landscape rehabilitation based on results of a recent archaeological investigation. Interns will collaborate with archaeologists, horticulturists, arborists, cultural and natural resource specialists, landscape architects, curators, local universities, and Friends groups. The park will work with perspective interns and their schools to create the perfect educational opportunity.

Please contact Integrated Resources Program Manager Margie Coffin Brown, HERE.
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