Winter Volunteer Workshops

We are life-long learners who share a passion for history and public service. Every winter, staff and volunteers at Minute Man host workshops for park interpreters and volunteer reenactors. These are a great oportunity to get together with friends, gain knowledge and inspiration, or perhaps advice on a difficult sewing project.
Saturday, March 9, 2019
- Fitting Clinic and kit consultation for men and women
- Cuffs, Collars, and Necklines for Shirts and Shifts

Major John Buttrick House (parking at 174 Liberty St. Concord MA)
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

To register, email e-mail us

Fitting clinic and kit consultation for men and women: The new Minute Man / Battle Road clothing standards emphasize proper fit. The park is offering an opportunity for volunteers to bring their garments that may need some improvement in fit and have master tailor Henry Cooke assess how to alter them and make them look better than ever! You are also welcome to bring your projects, or dress in your kit and ask questions about the new Minute Man NHP clothing standards.

Men’s Shirt Cuffs -Modify your buttoned shirt cuffs so that they close with period-appropriate linked sleeve buttons (side-by-side cuff links) as you see in the images of 18th century men’s shirts. You will be removing the cuffs and shortening them so that they will just close around your wrist rather than overlap. You will reattach the cuff to the newly gathered sleeve end and add a handsewn buttonhole to the end that formerly had a button. Insert sleeve buttons, and voilà!

Men’s Shirt Collars -Learn how to wear your collar and tie your handkerchief or neck cloth in a period-appropriate manner. Add a second buttonhole to help keep your collar properly upright. Replace your plastic/wood/horn buttons with period-appropriate thread buttons. The devil is in the details. You will be amazed at what a difference these small changes can make.

Women’s Shift Cuffs -Modify your buttoned, drawstring, or straight shift sleeves so that they close with period-appropriate linked sleeve buttons (side-by-side cuff links) or a simple slender silk ribbon or cotton tape. The new cuffs will close around your arm just below the elbow. The type of existing closure and sleeve width/length will dictate what needs to be done to accomplish this. If straight sleeves are too narrow, it may not be possible to add a cuff.

Women’s Shift Necklines -Modify your too-high, drawstring shift neckline. You will be reshaping it by cutting it lower and possibly wider and finishing it with a very narrow handsewn hem. The shift neckline should barely show when worn with a proper gown.

Men: shirt, handkerchief/neck cloth, waistcoat, outer garment
Women: shift, stays, gown is optional
All: seam ripper, sewing scissors, good handsewing needles (e.g., John James), beeswax, linen thread to match shirt or shift. (Let us know if you don’t have some of these items.)

Last updated: March 8, 2019

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