Interpreted Activities

Yosemite National Park


Interpreting Services are available for three different things. 1) Visitor center appointments. I will meet you at a visitor center to answer questions and chat with you in sign language so that communication is easy. 2) Scheduled activities. A list of events is published in Yosemite Guide, about every three months. You can download this guide from the Internet or get a copy here in the park. There are many different activities: ranger presentations, guided hikes, movie showings, theater performances, formal tours, even art and photography workshops. You can request an interpreter for any of these scheduled activities. 3) Emergencies. If an emergency medical or legal situation occurs, interpreting services are available.


Sign language interpreting is available for many activities in Yosemite. This video is a brief guide to those activities. For a current schedule of events in the park, download the Yosemite Guide. (No audio, but transcript available.)


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