Xiomáro photo exhibit Video 3

Morristown National Historical Park

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Hey, I'm Xiomáro and I thought I'd tell you a little more about this photograph you're looking at. It's of the officers' huts and usually when I start a project, I start by taking an, um, overall shot, like a location shot of the subject and then I continue by taking other photographs to get closer to that subject because I like to experiment with different angles, uh, and different like, uh, tighter compositions to reveal characteristics of the subject that you might not otherwise notice. Um, so if you go to uh Morristown Historical Park, specifically Jockey Hollow, which I encourage you to do, uh, check out these huts because event though they are very functional looking, they're actually very artful in some small details, um, for instance, the logs when they join at the corners, uh, you will see that they form a very interesting geometric pattern. The same thing is true with the with the field stones that are used to construct, uh, some of these huts. And also, if you, if you, depending on the angle that you look at the chimneys, you'll see that there is a very serpentine curve. Uh, along the line which is very artful, very beautiful and just very elegant.


Artist in Residence, Xiomáro, describes his process for taking photos at Morristown National Historical Park.