Yosemite National Park


Driving is Yosemite is different. Rather than large, 8-lane freeways, we have 2-lane roads, and those roads are not straight and direct, they are windy and hilly, which makes for slower driving. The speed limit here is 45 mph, and in some areas of the park, it's even slower than that. If there's snow, chains may be required, which will also slow you down. In the summer, the park is very busy, which means there could be lines of cars at the entrance stations and stop-and-go traffic in the Valley. If you want to drive from one part of the park to another, it is common to get stuck in a line of cars behind a slow-moving RV. So if you look up a map on the internet before you get here and think that a 30-mile drive in the park will be no big deal, maybe just about a 30-minute drive, you are mistaken. Driving in Yosemite tends to take about twice as long as driving elsewhere.


Driving around Yosemite is much different than driving around the rest of California. Here are some things to remember if you are planning to explore Yosemite by car. (No audio, but transcript available.)


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