The Green Wave by the Seashore

Point Reyes National Seashore

Open Transcript


My Green Parks Video Script: The Green Wave by the Seashore



Chief of Facilities: "Huh, an email from Washington!"

[bold, intense music]

Chief of Facilities: "Let's see what we can do about this!"

Chief of Facilities: "How do we green our park? Looks green enough. I wish I had an answer."

[poof sound effect]

Wizard: "Perhaps I could help."

Chief of Facilities: "So tell me bearded man with the green pointy hat, how do I green the park?"

Wizard: "It's easy being green. I'll show you how it's done."

[Greening the Park segment]

Roads foreman: "I wish we could fuel our vehicles and equipment with biodiesel."

[music and sound effects]

Driver: "I really wish we drove cleaner vehicles."

[music and sound effects]

Driver: "Heyyyyy! It's an electric vehicle!"

[music and sound effects]

Energy manager: "I wish we could harness energy from the sun to make these electrical meters spin backwards."

[music and sound effects]

Energy manager: "Solar panels all across the park! What does it mean?"

[Recycling segment] Staff #1: "How do we recycle all this paper?"

Staff #2: "How can I recycle this can?"

Staff #3: "How can I recycle this bottle?"

Staff #4: "Where do I recycle this box?"

[All four repeating their questions for seven seconds.]

[music and sound effects]

Conservation Corps North Bay: "We'll take it from here."



[The Coastodian segment]

Engineer: "I wish there was a way we could get all these bottles and trash off of the beach."

Energy manager: "Yeah."

[music and sound effects]

Engineer: "Look!"

The Coastodian: "Never fear! The Coastodian is here!"

[music and sound effects]

The Coastodian: "Friends…don't litter!"


[The LEED Hostel segment]

Hiker: "I'm really tired. I should've made a reservation at the hos…"

[music and sound effects]

Hiker: "Wow, a new hostel building!"

Wizard: "Well, it's almost done."


Wizard: "And it looks to become LEED certified."


[Science on a Sphere segment]

Park Ranger: "How can I educate the public on sustainability and climate change?"

[music and sound effects]

Ranger: "Whoa! It's Science…on a Sphere!"


[Thinking about the Future segment]

Intern: "What other ideas can we think of?"

[music and sound effects]

[sound of belch and flatulence]

[Cow mooing.]


[electrical noise]


Energy manager: "Hmmm."

[electrical noise and foghorn]

Chief of Facilities: "I think I have an idea."

Chief of Facilities: "Hello all employees..."

[The sound of fingers typing on a keyboard followed by a spring-like noise.]


[music] [the sound of doors opening]


Mother: "What did you learn at the park today?"

Daughter: "I learned that change doesn't come with a wave of a wand, but with collaboration, teamwork, education, and stewardship. As stewards of the Earth, we all play an important part in making the world a better place. If Point Reyes National Seashore can green their park, so can you!"

EV driver: "So can you."

Construction Inspector: "And so can you."

Energy Manager and Intern: "So green your park today."

Wizard: "Green your park today."

Chief of Facilities: "Today and every day."

Daughter: "For our sustainable future."



Winner of the first NPS-wide My Green Parks Video Contest, The Green Wave by the Seashore is a theatrical short film showcasing some of the many ways Point Reyes National Seashore has integrated sustainability into their park operations.