A Day in the Life of a Park Volunteer

Biscayne National Park

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John: Hi my name is John…

Daniella: Hi I’m Daniella.

John: …and today we’re at the Rosenstiel School

of Marine and Atmospheric Science

with the Biscayne National Park rangers,

and what are we doing today?

Daniella: We are getting coral that we’ve taken

from the reef and we are measuring it

to see how much its grown in the past six months.

John: We have two sites.

We have the artificial reef in the lab

and we have a lab site out in Biscayne National Park

and we have to compare

the different growth rates in the two spots.

John: Alright, so now we’re in the lab

where the work takes place.

Daniella: As you can see,

they’re measuring the coral

and they have numbers for them

and they’re going to later

put this information in the computer.

John: When you put them in the computer,

they have this system that actually counts the polyp count

and calculates the surface area of the coral

so they can compare it to before and after measures.

Daniella: They can see how much it has increased in size

and how well the coral is doing.

John: So now we’re at the coral holding tanks

where the coral is stored, and they keep them here

until they go into the lab and they have to measure them.

Daniella: This coral was taken from a wreck.

There was a wreck there and the reef got destroyed,

so they took the bigger pieces of coral

and as you can see they fragmented them into smaller pieces

so they could attach them to the tile.

John: Each fragment is put on a separate tile

and it is stored on these holding racks in the water

until they have to collect them

and bring them to the lab for recording.

Daniella: They also wait ‘til they’re big enough

so they can take them back to the reef

and cement them and they start growing

in their natural environment.

John: They have different organisms in here,

such as a sea urchin

and they have them in here to eat the algae

so the corals don’t get covered in algae and die.

John: Alright, well we have to get back to work now.

Daniella: Thank you for coming, and we hope you’ve learned

and enjoyed your time here

and gotten to see some of the things

we do here at the lab.

We’ll see you again very shortly.

Together: Bye!


[Transcribed by Gary Bremen]


A Day in the Life of a Biscayne National Park Volunteer hosted by Daniela Escontrela and Jonathan Dorsey.