Hole-in-the-Donut: Progress through 2020

Everglades National Park

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Description Narrator: A satellite map of the southern tip of Florida, including the Everglades, Miami, Homestead, Biscayne National Park, and the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail. A section of land in the Everglades is enclosed in a red rectangle on the map. The video zooms in to this location.


The Hole-in-the-Donut (HID) is a 6,600-acre wetland restoration project in Everglades National Park. Restoration began in 1989.

Year: 1989. Restored acres: 52. A small section of land in the southwest of the HID is highlighted, indicating that the area was restored.

Year: 1997. Restored acres: 241. Another area in the southwest of the HID is highlighted.

Year: 1998. Restored acres: 433. More land in the southwest and a small portion of the northwest.

Year: 1999. Restored acres: 567. A large piece of land east of the first restored area is highlighted.

Year: 2000. Restored acres: 808. A portion of land in the center of the HID.

Year: 2001. Restored acres: 1,141. A large section in the central area is highlighted with several holes still untouched.

Year: 2002.

Year: 2003. Restored acres: 2,058. A large portion of the western side of the HID is highlighted.

Year: 2004. Restored acres: 2,898. The western edge and the southeastern section of the HID are highlighted.

Year: 2005. Restored acres: 3,898. A large portion of the south-central part of the HID is highlighted.

Year: 2009. Restored acres: 4,099. For the next three years, the remainder of northwest section of the HID is highlighted.

Year: 2010. Restored acres: 4,233. A section in the northwest is highlighted.

Year: 2011. Restored acres: 4,422. Another section in the northwest is highlighted.

The highlights are removed to better view the satellite image of the restored HID.

Year: 2013. Restored acres: 4,677. More of the north-central part of the HID is highlighted.

Year: 2014. Restored acres: 4,922. A section in the north-central HID is highlighted.

Year: 2017. Restored acres: 5,128. The restoration process moves east as is indicated with subsequent boxes highlighting the restoration.

Year: 2018. Restored acres: 5,328.

Year: 2019. Restored acres: 5,680.

Year: 2020. Restored acres: 6,063.

A photo of construction vehicles working on the cleared, restored landscape. All soil in the area has been removed down to the rock. There is a sharp contrast of green vegetation in areas that have not been restored.

Heavy equipment plays a major role in restoration work; scraping and removing brush and soil to designated mounds within the project area.

An aerial view looking east at restoration areas: 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Data sources: NAIP, Landsat, ESRI, NPS.


Watch a 2-minute sequence of satellite images tell a 30-year story of wetlands restoration in the Everglades. Data source: NPS data on Landsat imagery.


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NPS video by Caryl Alarcon

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