Ed Bearss Questions and Answers for Tour Stop 2B

Cowpens National Battlefield

Open Transcript


Question: Just one question. This whole battle is based on doing what is not predictable or the established rules of engagement. He’s got both the sharpshooter lines divided by a main avenue of approach here and you are saying that…fire two or three volleys of fire then exit stage door left so to speak – their left – which would be that way [pointing northward]. That means [pointing southward] that this crowd has gotta cross the main highway. OK. Is there any reason in your estimation why he would have…?

Bearss: I have no idea, but I think he must have decided that it is better to let them move in one direction than to go helter-skelter both ways. Probably, there was more open ground in that direction [pointing northward]. That’s simply a possibility, but he wants them to know what he wants them to do. Otherwise they will be going that way [pointing southward]. Anything else? Alright, we’ll go up to Pickens’ line.


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