Xiomáro photo exhibit Video 1

Morristown National Historical Park

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Hey, I'm Xiomáro! And I wanted to tell you a little bit more about this photograph you're looking at. It's of the Ford Mansion, which served as George Washington's headquarters and so it is an iconic building that's been, you know, photographed countless times so the challenge for me was to try to photograph this structure in some kind of an interesting way, maybe a different way, and the best I could think of was to get here early and just see what it looks like as the sun rose. So, now, I'm not and early riser, but I got up at four in the morning, uh, loaded up my equipment, you know, packed it all together loaded in the car and then made the drive to Morristown from Long Island and then when I got here I had to unload, find a spot to set up, do my setting up and then just wait patiently for the sun to arise. And it turned out to be worth it because, as you can see, from the right side coming out of the woods this really nice strip of light just kinda shot across the lawn and formed this little strip and what I liked about it is that the yellow of the light, uh, looked really good against the green of the lawn. And also I just formed, uh, a nice contrast to the overall blue light of the early morning. So, I knew I had my shot.


Video of artist Xiomáro describing the process of taking photos at Morristown National Historical Park