Nicodemus NHS turns 25!

Nicodemus National Historic Site


How are you guys? I'm greeting you from a historic nickname, is Kansas, I'm in the visitor center here. Why am I here? Excellent question. We will be celebrating 25 years as a national historic park with the park service in November, and so that is exciting for us.

You guys will be having folks that will come out and talk about how the park grew, what they what they did, the legislation, how they got it to be a part of the park service. I can remember as a young high school girl starting out as a park guide here at Nicodemus.

Yes, that's me. Back in 1996. And so yes, I was a part guide here. So I remember when it was just a chair and a VCR with the TV and we watched the video. But I hope you guys can can come and join us and we will talk about how Nicodemus has grown.

Thank you.


Join us Saturday, November 13th to celebrate Nicodemus National Historic site turning 25 years old Learn about how Nicodemus became a National Park unit from the people who were there from the beginning like Ranger LueCreasea! Call the Township Hall and Visitor Center at 785-839-4233 to reserve a complimentary lunch.


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