Abraham Brian House 3D Tour - Audio Described

Gettysburg National Military Park


1. Front Door During the Battle of Gettysburg this small house was the home of Abraham and Elizabeth Brian, and their children. The Brian family were members of Gettysburg’s free African American community. They owned this home and twelve acres of farmland and rented out a small building at the edge of their property. 2. Kitchen Table During the Gettysburg Campaign of June and July 1863 the Brian family fled, hoping to escape the path of the Confederate army, and the dangers that follow soldiers on campaign. They left their home and property behind to the mercy of the two armies and returned only after the Union victory at Gettysburg. 3. Window (Looking south) Twelve miles distant is the community of Emmitsburg, Maryland. In 1860, 47 enslaved human beings resided in and around that town. The slaves ranged in age from 70 to 1 and represented a small portion of the 87,000 slaves that were held in Maryland on the eve of the American Civil War. The dividing line between slave and free was just beyond the Brian family farm. 4. Bedroom 1 The Brian Farm was situated in the center of the Union battle line and was riddled by shot and shell. Brian’s crops were destroyed, his animals taken, his orchard badly damaged. Over 106 hastily dug graves pock-marked his property. Abraham Brian calculated his loss at $1028. He received $15 dollars from the United States Government to compensate him for his losses. 5. Bedroom 2 Abraham Brian sold this property in 1868. He spent the remaining years of his life working as hostler at a nearby hotel. He died on the 30th of May 1879 and is buried in Gettysburg’s Lincoln Cemetery.


The home of Abraham Brian sits along the northern end of Cemetery Ridge and the area around the farm would become the scene of heavy fighting on July 3, 1863. Abraham Brian and his family were part of the African American community of Gettysburg and he owned 12 acres of farmland around his house. This virtual tour allows you to visit this small two room house on the Gettysburg battlefield.


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