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Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail


Artist statement - Bells have a myriad of symbolic meanings and purposes, which allow individuals to create their own meaning. For me, the look and feel of the weathered metal, along with the soft, melodic tone of the bell evokes a feeling of a new beginning and a time for reflection. I am especially thrilled to display my artwork on the Anza Trail to celebrate the many people who made the journey on this trail in search of a better life. I appreciate the time, determination, and struggle they endured along the way. I was inspired to create four bells, with the large bell representing the doorway that became Tucson, the three smaller bells signifying the men, women, and children who made the journey, and the chime of the bell as the voices from the past whispering in the wind.


ASL content for the art installation titled, Chime, and the artist's statement. Sculpture is located at the Anza Trail Cultural History Park in Tucson, AZ


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