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2/6/2014 Transcript from Chris Edwards for Balclutha Aloft video

(Chris) Okay we're up in the rig of the full rigged ship Balclutha. I'm Ranger Chris and this is Ranger JR here. We thought we would give you a bit of an idea what it means to do these aloft demonstrations. So, we just finished a demonstration for the general public. We had about 20 people, maybe 30 people, if you include folks on the pier. But, this is JR here, I'm going to turn things over to him so he can give you an idea what it feels like to be aloft.

(JR) Hi there, so as you just saw we're a little ways off the deck here and it's quite a way down and doing these demonstrations gives you a real appreciation for the life and the work that sailors aboard these ships had to really go through. We are coming up here regularly almost every week so we get a little comfortable up here but we are always secured-in with lots of different safety gear and to think about the people who were up here in the 1800's, they didn't have any of this safety gear and it's a long way down, so you can definitely get a real feel for what they were like and a real sense of community up here as well. There are a few of us who come up here every week and you definitely get to be involved in a team and you really have this sense of camaraderie and connection, not only to each other but to the resource here as well. And it really gives you a sense for what it was like for those sailors to have that same commitment for camaraderie. So I think that's one of the things that I personally really like about coming up here. I love getting to share this with the public, but I really love the opportunity to share this with my coworkers, to have this commitment with each other and to have to rely on each other. So that's what I think I really enjoy about being up here. And the view's not too bad either.

(Chris) Okay this is Chris again, I'll give you a sweep around here and then we'll say goodbye and thank you.


Park Rangers Chris and JR were aloft in Balclutha’s rigging and made this video.