Nature of the Night at Big Hole National Battlefield

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00:07 Big Hole National Battlefield at the end of the day when the curtain closes 00:11 visitors leave and the staff go home, the battlefield transforms into a different 00:16 kind of a landscape, a nighttime landscape 00:18 and its part of the wildness of this place. A new cast of characters 00:23 come out, the nighttime animals go about their business 00:26 many of them following the same trails that 00:30 that we use during the day. 00:34 The battlefield landscape is a very powerful evocative landscape. 00:40 This is a place of great tragedy where the US government 00:45 and the Nez Perce people were engaged in combat, many people died. 00:55 The solitude, the serenity is integral 00:59 to feeling and sensing the events that occurred here 01:02 one century ago. The landscape looks very much like it did in 1877. 01:09 It's a wild place. 01:12 At nighttime we have wild creatures that are too shy to be seen during the day. 01:24 We know they're there, we sense that they're out there when we're walking the landscape 01:28 even during the day.


By day, Big Hole National Battlefield is a beautiful landscape evocative of the historical events that took place there. When the sun sets, it takes on new life. Narrated by Tom Rodhouse, an ecologist with the National Park Service, this video showcases the "cast of characters" that daytime visitors to the park rarely see.